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It is a very popular game and very simple to play if you follow red dog rules. It is an exciting activity and, most importantly, it offers the option of winning large payouts on relatively small wagers. If you are going to play red dog, you must be needed to know all basic red dog rules.

On this page you will find full details and basic of red dog rules. Red dog is one of the oldest and easiest casino games.  Red dog is played the similar way as the majority lotteries where players choose their numbers and hope they hit but you need to follow red dog rules to win.

Red dog rules are little bit different in online and in casino. Whether you play online or in the casino you need to have the knowledge of all basic red dog rules. This is the means to get success in Red dog

Here on this page you will find the red dog rules for the most popular casino table games.



Red Dog rules
Game Objective :
To win you have to predict if a card will will rank between two other cards that have been dealt by the dealer.

The Red Dog table looks a lot like a Blackjack table , but that where the similarities stop. First, the pleyer place his bet onthe table end the dealer deals two cards face up. Depending on the rank of these two cards , the players have the possibility to RAISE their bet or not and then a third card is dealt or not . The value of any card from 2 to 10 counts at face value, a jack counts as 11, a queen as 12, a king as 13, and an ace counts as 14.

3 results possible:

Consecutive cards:
When the dealer deals for example 7 and 8, or king and Queen, these hands are called consecutive hands. The dealer won't deal a third card because it is not possible to have a card in between. this hand is called a "Push" and the player gets his bet back.

A Pair:
If the dealer deals cards of the same rank, for example 2 jacks, he will deal automatically a third card. If the rank of this third card is the same as the two previous cards then all players wil win with a payoout of 11:1. If the rank is different than the two other cards, the hand is a "Push" and the player gets his bet back.

Non consecutive Cards:
When the dealer deals two cards of different value and with a spead of more than one this hand is called a non consecutive hand. The dealer will tell the players the value of the spread. The spread is the number of values that exist between two cards. For example, if the twio cards dealt are a 2 and a queen , the spread will be 9 because there are 9 cards between a 2 and a queen (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,jack,). When the spread is known the player has a possibility to raise his bet for bonus money. After you raised or not the bet the dealer then deals the third card. If that card falls between the first two the player wins. If the third card is identical to one of the first two cards then the player loses this hand. There are naver any "Push" in a non consecutive hand. All winning bets in non consecutive hands have a predetermined payout based on the value of the spread. (The bigger the spread the smaller the payout).Payouts are as follows:

Spread Payouts
1 5:1
2 4:1
3 2:1
4-11 1:1


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